150+ Passenger Princess Captions For Instagram That Are Just Perfect

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This post is all about the best passenger princess captions for Instagram.

Passenger princess in car

[Sadly], most of us weren’t born into royalty.

But when you’re sitting in the front seat of someone’s car with your favorite drink in hand, a good book or music, getting driven around with no worries in the world – it’s hard not to feel like a literal princess.

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If you have the privilege of being a passenger princess, or you’re a driver who wants to show some appreciation for their own passenger princess, this post is for you.

Below are over 150 passenger princess captions for Instagram that are just perfect.

What Is A Passenger Princess?

In the world of modern-day chariots (aka cars), a passenger princess or passenger seat princess is someone who occupies the front passenger seat while someone else drives

For those who don’t like driving, this is a coveted position since a passenger princess doesn’t need to worry about traffic, parking, or the mechanics of driving. 

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Her only duties are to be cute, control the playlist, be the director of drive-thru orders, and sometimes, the navigator when adventure calls for a spontaneous detour.

If you’ve ever found yourself gazing out the window, eating snacks, picking the music or even taking a nap while someone else takes the wheel, we have good news — you’ve lived the Passenger Princess life!

On the other hand, if you’ve seen someone doing all that while you handle the driving — then you’ve got yourself a real-life passenger princess. 


Sassy Passenger Princess Captions

sassy passenger princess caption
  1. Spoiled
  2. Shotgun is my throne
  3. Not my turn
  4. Life of a princess
  5. The Princess Diaries
  6. Riding. Not Driving.
  7. Princess treatment only
  8. Pretty on purpose
  9. Queen of the carpool
  10. Driving is overrated
  11. Passenger seat: my throne away from throne
  12. I’ll only drive you crazy
  13. Sitting pretty
  14. This is my rightful place
  15. A true princess
  16. Passenger seat perfection
  17. I make the car look good
  18. Queen of the aux cord
  19. I got my driver’s license for fun
  20. Driver’s seat? Never heard of her.
  21. I’m just here for the ride
  22. The real ride-or-die
  23. Royal company
  24. Baddie in the streets, princess in the passenger seat
  25. The perfect co-pilot
  26. Your fav co-pilot

Cute Passenger Princess Captions

cute passenger princess caption
  1. Co-pilot cutie 
  2. Sitting pretty
  3. Princess cause my Father is a king
  4. Disney Princess
  5. Real-life Disney princess
  6. Sleeping Beauty
  7. Passenger 👑
  8. Passenger princess duties: be cute. 
  9. This princess doesn’t need saving – just snacks and a good playlist/book/conversation
  10. Passenger cutie on co-pilot duty.
  11. I take my princess responsibilities very seriously
  12. Snacks, maps, and naps
  13. Just need my seatbelt and a smile
  14. Ms. Cozy
  15. Princess on board
  16. “Oh, the places you’ll go. There is fun to be done!” – Dr. Seuss
  17. In charge of the playlist.
  18. Always ready for detours.
  19. Shotgun rider, adventure insider.
  20. Seatbelt: on.
  21. In my fairytale, the carriage is my [person]’s car.
  22. My chariot doesn’t need a horse, just a good sound system.
  23. Living my best life
  24. If life is a journey, I’m taking the scenic route from the [right/left] seat. (The direction depends on what side of the road you drive).

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Funny Passenger Princess Captions For Instagram

  1. Energy-saving mode.
  2. My driving skills are fine, but my passenger skills are top-notch.
  3. Time for a nap.
  4. I provide moral support and occasional gas money.
  5. I’m not a backseat driver. I’m a motivational speaker.
  6. Breaking news: Local [teen/girl/woman] too cool to drive
  7. I only do the things I’m good at
  8. ‘World’s Okayest Co-Pilot.’
  9. I’m in charge of the playlist — the real power.
  10. Geographically challenged.
  11. I told my [person] I’d be ready in 5 minutes. We both laughed.
  12. Not today.
  13. In my world, ‘rush hour’ means more time for selfies.
  14. I deserve the Best Passenger award
  15. If laughter is the best medicine, then I’m the healthiest person in this car.
  16. Is there a crown for ‘Best Passenger’? I deserve it.
  17. To drive or to be driven? That is the question.
  18. They say it’s the journey, not the destination. As long as I’m not driving, I agree.
  19. Princess in the streets, snoozer in the passenger seat.
  20. A professional ‘are we there yet?’ inquirer.
funny passenger princess caption

Funny Passenger Princess Captions continued…

  1. I don’t give wrong directions… I just like surprises
  2. I only give directions if they lead to a drive-thru.
  3. Basically GPS with attitude.
  4. Professional ‘left or right?’ consultant.
  5. Every speed bump is a surprise.
  6. I don’t do potholes.
  7. I’m like a GPS, but instead of directions, I give unsolicited life advice
  8. Plot twist: The car’s on autopilot, and we’re both just passengers
  9. *Judges your driving skills*
  10. Call me a map, because I’m all over the place and absolutely no help in navigation
  11. I don’t always know where we’re going, and that’s okay
  12. In charge of snacks
  13. They see me rollin’, they hatin’
  14. Traffic just means more time to sleep
  15. If there were a PhD in passenger seat sitting, I’d be a doctor by now
  16. My car’s an off-road model. Off the road and in the parking lot, because I refuse to drive
  17. Today’s mood: pretending to be in a music video while staring out the car window 
  18. In a committed relationship with the passenger seat.
  19. I’d like to thank my [driver] for getting us here safely and my snacks for making the journey bearable.
  20. Are we there yet?
  21. I still gasp when I see a cow
  22. Slowly becoming one with the seat
  23. My car ride essentials: snacks for hunger, music for mood, and dramatic reactions for entertainment.

Passenger Princess Captions For Besties

passenger princess caption for besties
  1. Road-tripping with my soul sister
  2. Just a girl and her bestie
  3. Two girls. One car. Endless memories.
  4. Riding shotgun with my bestie
  5. She’s the Thelma to my Louise, but with more sparkle and less drama.
  6. She drives, I handle the entertainment. It’s called balance.
  7. On a journey to nowhere
  8. Just missed our exit 🙂
  9. The best road trips are measured in laughter, not miles.
  10.  Thankful for my ride or die! 
  11. The passenger seat of her car is my therapy couch
  12. What’s better than car rides with your bestie? Absolutely nothing.
  13. Who needs a therapist when you’ve got a best friend with a car? 
  14. Bestie’s car: where my singing career is truly appreciated. 
  15. Serving looks and taking detours.
  16. Our motto: If the music’s too loud, you’re too old.
  17. This car is powered by: laughter and iced coffee
  18. Pretending to know where we’re going. 
  19. Destination: drive-thru.
  20. Car Snacks (for posting a selfie of you and the driver)

Passenger Princess Captions For Car Rides With Your Significant Other

These passenger princess captions are perfect for posting pics of you and your significant other in the car.

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passenger princess caption for boyfriend
  1. Riding shotgun with my main squeeze. 
  2. His ride or die
  3. He handles the wheel. I handle the appeal.
  4. Cutest taxi driver I’ve ever seen.
  5. Navigating life with my favorite co-pilot.
  6. Stealing hearts and the aux cord. 
  7. #AdventuresWithBae
  8. He’s got the wheel, but I’ve got his heart. 💘🔑
  9. My favorite place in the world? Right here.
  10. We kiss at the red light. 🚦💋 
  11. Officially promoted to head DJ and navigator.
  12. I’m here for the drive AND the driver. 
  13. He drives, I provide the entertainment. Fair trade, I guess? 
  14. Car dates >>>
  15. A Parking Lot Love Story 
  16. Our journey > destination
  17. #BoyfriendTaxiService
  18. Me when he drives: 🥰🥰🥰

Great Lyrics For Passenger Princess Captions

Some lyrics just capture the passenger princess life perfectly. Here are some of our favorites.

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  1. Take me home, country roads. (John Denver, Take Me Home, Country Roads)
  2. Chasing pavements, even if it leads nowhere. (Adele, Chasing Pavements)
  3. Adventure of a lifetime, every single night. (Coldplay, Adventure of a Lifetime)
  4. Nothing’s gonna stop us now. (Starship, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now)
  5. Let’s get lost tonight. (Kanye West, Stronger)
  6. I want to ride my bicycle. (Queen, Bicycle Race (for a playful twist))
  7. Shut up and drive, drive, drive. (Rihanna, Shut Up and Drive)
  8. I love it when we’re cruising together. (Smokey Robinson, Cruisin’)
  9. So let’s just keep on dancing while the car is on fire. (Miley Cyrus, Malibu)
  10. I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door. (Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved)
  11. Baby, you’re a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise. (Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly, Cruise)
  12. This is how we roll, we hanging round singing out everything on the radio. (Florida Georgia Line, This Is How We Roll)
  13. Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long. (Rascal Flatts, Life Is a Highway)

Passenger Princess Captions For Drivers

Are you a driver who has a designated passenger princess? The captions below are great for showing your appreciation (or frustration) for them.

passenger princess caption for drivers

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  1. Getting lost with you is always fun
  2. Life’s too short to drive alone
  3. Every king needs his queen
  4. My car’s value doubles when she’s in it
  5. Fuel for the car, coffee for me, and her smile to light the way
  6. Driving solo is fine, but nothing beats having you by my side. 
  7. Thanks for turning every drive into a concert
  8. Here’s to the one who makes every journey feel like we’re already home
  9. She says ‘left’ but means ‘right’. Good thing I’m good at U-turns.
  10. Eating in my car was forbidden. Then, I picked up a snack.
  11. Sibling navigator: 50% reliable, 100% entertaining.
  12. Cutest passenger I’ve ever seen
  13. My copilot, my DJ, my heart
  14. Turns out, my favorite destination is anywhere she is
  15. My favorite view
  16. My favorite reason to glance [right/left] (The direction depends on what side of the road you drive).

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