Cute & Affordable Car Date Ideas You Need to Try

Try these with your crush, significant other or best friends!

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Planning your next date? This post lists 6 cute car date ideas you can do with your crush, significant other (S/O), or friends.

Couple on a date driving through a scenic wooded area
Car dates are underrated!

We use cars to go to and from dates… but how often do we have dates in them??

If your answer is “not often”, you’re definitely missing out.

Car dates are underrated.

Not only are they both cute and cozy, but they’re also super affordable.

On top of that, car dates are so easy to plan that they make a great spontaneous date idea

You also have the freedom to choose your own music (and temperature!) to set the mood, and your date can stay totally private.

This is perfect, particularly for people who don’t like PDA (public displays of affection). 

The best part is that if you don’t like the vibe of one location, you can always just drive somewhere else!

Car Date Meaning

So, what is a car date?

A car date is nothing more than a date you have in your car!

Once you have your driver’s license and a car, this is the kind of date you can do in the next five minutes.

No kidding!

If you’re looking to give car dates a try (which you should), below are 6 cute car date ideas you can try with your significant other, crush, or even friends.

Car Date Ideas You Should Try

Car Date Idea #1: Go to a Drive-Thru Cinema

Dates at the drive-thru cinema aren’t at all new. They’ve been around for decades — and for a good reason. 

A drive-thru cinema date is the classic cinema date, but way better.

Here’s why:

You can:

  • bring your own snacks
  • set your own temperature
  • talk as much as you want throughout the movie

Plus, since you’re in your own car, these kinds of cinema dates are also more private and cozy — so you can cuddle or kiss as much as you want — with no (or less) prying eyes.

Date Idea #2: Have a Car Feast/ Mukbang

girl eating pizza in car during a date
Girl eating pizza during a car date

Mukbangs are fun to watch but even better to have.

For those who aren’t familiar with this word, it’s Korean for ‘eating show‘ and it’s usually a live stream of someone eating lots of food and talking to their viewers. 

To have this date, you and your S/O can order food from different drive-thrus and restaurants that offer take-out.

Then, you drive somewhere nice and have a mukbang!

Of course, your only viewers will be each other, but it’ll be funny to act like you guys are streamers or professional food tasters. 

Good food + lots of laughs = a great date!


Eating in your car can get messy, fast. Try one of these eating trays to keep things tidy:

Car Date Idea #3: Go on a Road Trip

Of course, road trips had to make the list!

If you’re adventurous, road trips are a great way to explore your country or at least a part of your hometown you’ve never been to (or hardly go).

With a full tank, snacks, and some good music, a road trip could hardly go wrong.

Throw in good conversation and a few car games and you have a super fun date.

Date Idea #4: Chill Out By the Beach

Couple sitting on their car bonnet, watching the sunset by the ocean during a date

This one is so simple, but it gets a 10/10 on the romance-meter.

Picture this:

You and your crush or S/O drive to the beach in the evening, before sunset.

The car is parked facing the ocean and it’s nice and quiet — all you can hear is the sound of the waves lapping the shore.

Maybe there’s some soft music on too.

You sit there together as the sun sinks beneath the horizon and watch as the sky gets painted pretty shades of pink and orange. 

Maybe you’re holding hands.

Or, maybe you’re leaning on each other.

Maybe there’s a kiss…

It’s all up to you, but doesn’t that sound incredibly romantic??

It’s like this is straight out of a rom-com movie.

Car Date Idea #5: Go for Midnight Snacks

In our post on why you should learn how to drive, we talk about the fact that being able to drive gives you convenience.

You can go for a drive at any time you feel like it, and you’re not dependent on anyone else.

Related: 5 Really Good Reasons You Should Learn How to Drive

This next date is the perfect example of this.

Instead of another night of Netflix and Chill, you and your person can go on a midnight hunt for snacks.

Sounds exciting? It is!

See what restaurants, supermarkets, or food trucks you find open and pick up some of your favorite snacks — and some new ones too!

Then you can always bring your snacks back home, or eat them right where you are.

Either way, this is a fun date idea to try.

It can be totally spontaneous and you get to explore new things with your S/O.

Plus, you just might find your new favorite place,  completely by accident. 

Definitely, a date to try — just be careful at that time of night!

Date Idea #6: Have a Picnic

Couple sitting on a blanket in the trunk of their car, smiling at each other during a date
A picnic will always be a really cute car date idea

And finally, the classic picnic.

All you need is a blanket, drinks, and food that you or your S/O can make or buy.

(Making your own food is a great way to try each other’s cooking!)

Then, drive to a nice and quiet spot, lay out your blanket, and have your picnic!

If your trunk is big enough, you can always have your picnic in there, to keep it a true car date.

This is obviously a really cute date idea.

With good food and a good conversation, you’re bound to be all smiles.

You can also make this date more fun by playing some classic card games.

Car Picnic Essentials

When planning your picnic, you might want to pick up a few things to give it an authentic picnic vibe.

Here are some product recommendations for the cutest car picnic!


Car dates are great for a number of reasons. They’re cute, easy to plan, affordable, private, and lots of fun.

This post lists 6 super cute and affordable car date ideas you can use the next time you want to spend some quality time with your significant other and even friends.

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