92 Instagram Captions For Getting Your License

The best lines to share your achievement with the world!

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This post gives you 92 Instagram captions for getting your license.

Instagram captions for getting your license

Getting your driver’s license is a big deal, and you’re probably going to want to share your achievement with a great Instagram post.

But what should you say?

We’ve got you covered with 92 captions for when you finally get your driver’s license!

Whether you’re excited or nervous (or both), these captions will help capture the feeling of this exciting time in your life.

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Feel free to customize each caption and make it your own!

To help you do this, we used phrases like [age], [years], and [person] throughout this post so you can fill in the blanks with your own info.

Okay, let’s get started!

General Captions For Getting Your License

captions for getting your driver's license
  1. My public transport days are over!
  2. No more waiting for the bus.
  3. Fresh out the DMV
  4. Car? check. Keys? check. Actual functioning Driver’s License? Finally!
  5. I’ll text you when I get home
  6. Finally crossing something off my bucket list!
  7. Just changed my permit to a license
  8. I got my driver’s license last week… or whatever Olivia Rodrigo said
  9. Freedom on four wheels!
  10. Ain’t nobody got time for public transport anymore!
  11. My first solo road trip: coming soon!
  12. Finally got my driver’s license… now I only need to remember how to drive.
  13. Stopped waiting for a ride and started driving myself
  14. The DMV was actually worth it!
  15. Driving to a better tomorrow
  16. Anyone want to go for a ride?
  17. Vroom vroom baby!
  18. Officially in the driver’s seat
  19. They say I’m a natural behind the wheel
  20. Saying goodbye to my Uber days!
  21. Just joined the mile high club (license and car required)
  22. Life looks good from the driver’s seat
  23. Hand me my keys
  24. Throwing away my L plates and never looking back
  25. No more asking Dad for rides.
  26. No one can take me places like I do
  27. Finally! Legally allowed to drive without a chaperone
  28. The open road is calling my name
  29. Let’s go for a spin!
  30. Keeping it in first gear until I learn the rest
  31. Last stop: DMV. Next stop: everywhere else!
  32. P-A-S-S-E-D
  33. Get in loser, we’re going shopping
  34. I’m gassed cause I passed
  35. Who needs a chauffeur when you’ve got yourself?
  36. Choo Choo!
  37. No more passenger seat for me
  38. Time to start my own engine
  39. Honking for joy!
  40. Ready, set – GO!
  41. Alexa, play Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo

Instagram Captions For New Female Drivers

captions for getting your driver's license
  1. Girl power behind the wheel
  2. Stepping on the gas, ladies first!
  3. Watch out, boys!
  4. Girls just wanna have wheels
  5. Got my license and my lipstick
  6. Officially giving up my passenger princess position
  7. She who drives her own car has no limits
  8. Driver’s license and diamond rings — a girl’s favorite things
  9. Little miss just got her driver’s license
  10. Don’t need no man (or public transportation) to get me where I’m going.

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Instagram Captions For Getting Your License As An Adult

Not everyone gets their driver’s license as a teen — and that’s totally fine! The captions below are for those who are got their license a bit later in life and want to celebrate their success.

captions for getting your driver's license
  1. Better late than never
  2. I’m officially a big girl now
  3. Finally got my driver’s license at [age]. Who said I was too old?
  4. Late bloomer when it comes to driving, but never too late to learn.
  5. Glad to be part of the club #girlswhodrive
  6. Nobody said you have to start driving at 16!
  7. Finally ran out of excuses!
  8. Might have took the long way but I knew I’d get there someday #Shania Twain
  9. Waited long enough for this one.
  10. It’s never too late to hit the road!
  11. Got my driver’s license at [age] and proud of it!
  12. Only took me [years] years

Funny Captions For Getting Your License

captions for getting your driver's license
  1. Red light means go, right?
  2. Look, ma – no hands!
  3. And they say I can’t parallel park…
  4. If you see me hit a curb, just mind your business
  5. I’m legal now! Time to start breaking the law. (just kidding)
  6. I’m officially a licensed driver… now I just need to find a car
  7. License? Check. Sanity? TBD.
  8. Finally got my license – and then I realized, I don’t even own a car.
  9. Passed the DMV test with flying colors… or so they said
  10. Now to master the art of driving…
  11. There goes my excuse for being late
  12. Time to hit the open road… or at least the parking lot.
  13. Driver’s license and chill?

Captions For Showing Off Your Driver’s License Picture

The captions below are perfect for sharing a cute (or funny) driver’s license photo.

captions for getting your driver's license

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  1. Finally got this baby in the mail!
  2. Not sure if I’m proud of this pic or not…
  3. Showing off the baddest ID in town.
  4. My driver’s license pic is a true work of art.
  5. It takes a special kind of person to rock an ID pic like this.
  6. Check out this goofy driver’s license pic! Proof that I’m legit.
  7. My introduction to the world of adulting: my driver’s license picture.
  8. This might be the best ID in history.
  9. This might be the worst ID in history.
  10. Flexin’ on y’all with this new driver’s license pic.
  11. It might not be perfect, but at least it’s mine.
  12. This picture never gets old.
  13. This is what freedom looks like!
  14. Behold, my latest accomplishment
  15. The start of something new
  16. A ticket to freedom!

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