80+ Car Ride Captions For Instagram

For just about every possible situation.

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This post is all about the best car ride captions for Instagram.

When you aren’t trying to beat traffic or rush to work, class, or wherever, car rides can be pretty… nice.

In fact, nice is an understatement.

Whether it’s early morning, during sunset, or late at night, there’s just something about car rides that puts you in a whole different mood. 

A whole different frame of mind.

When you’re alone, they’re a great way to put your mind at ease, gain clarity, or come up with new ideas.

But with loved ones, car rides become the genesis of deep conversations, laugh-till-your-stomach-hurts jokes, and wild karaoke sessions that you’ll remember for ages.

If you know what I mean but aren’t sure how to say it, this post is for you.

Below are over 80 car ride captions for Instagram that’ll give you the perfect words to describe all your favorite things about car rides.

Car Ride Captions For Instagram

General Car Ride Captions

  1. Destination unknown.
  2. Didn’t buy this car to park it.
  3. Enjoy the ride.
  4. Four wheels and a full tank of gas: the recipe for adventure.
  5. Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.
  6. Buckle up, buttercup!
  7. Sometimes all you need is a quiet drive to find clarity
  8. When life gives you traffic, make carpool karaoke.
  9. My car has seen more drive-thru windows than I care to admit.
  10. Embrace the detours
  11. Car rides are the best kind of therapy
  12. Buckle up, babes.
  13. Just a girl with a full tank of gas
  14. Just here for the ride
  15. It’s gonna be a wild ride.
  16. Outside today.
  17. Chasing cars
  18. Car rides with a fire playlist >>
  1. Driving alone >>
  2. Sometimes all you need is gas
  3. No map, no plans
  4. Drive until the scenery changes
  5. Life’s too short to stay parked
  6. When the windows go down, my worries go out
  7. Adventure awaits
  8. On the road again
  9. This is called highway therapy
  10. Joyride anyone?
  11. Let’s see where we end up
  12. Honk if you love traffic jams.
  13. Another day, another dollar spent on gas.
  14. Every wrong turn is an adventure.
  15. Are we there yet?
  16. No destination required

Morning Car Ride Captions For Instagram

  1. A little adventure before the day begins.
  2. A little adventure before the sunrise
  3. Early bird gets the worm, but the early driver gets the empty roads.
  4. Waking up the city
  5. I love empty roads
  6. My fuel is sunshine
  7. Early bird special (photo of the sunrise from windscreen)
  8. Rise and drive
  9. Coffee and car rides
  10. Sunrise seeker
  11. Nature’s coffee, am I right?

Evening Car Ride Captions For Instagram

  1. Evening escapades
  2. Sunset drives >>>
  3. Driving through the sunset
  4. Evening breeze, open road, and my favorite songs on repeat
  5. Car selfies + golden hour = 
  6. Driving at sunset? Highly recommend.
  7. Can we talk about how therapeutic it is to watch the sunset from the driver’s seat?

Night Car Ride Captions For Instagram

  1. Late night rendevous
  2. Up all night
  3. The night is young
  4. On a moonlit highway to nowhere.
  5. Urban adventures after dark
  6. Nighttime thrills
  7. The perfect remedy for a restless mind
  8. There’s something magical about late-night drives
  9. Night car rides just hit different
  10. Obsessed with how the city looks at night 
  11. Night drives make me feel alive
  12. Sometimes all you need is a spontaneous night car ride
  13. I feel like I’m in a movie

Captions For Car Rides With Friends

Posting about that epic car ride with your besties? These car ride captions are perfect for just that.

  1. Life’s better when you’re cruising with your favorite people
  2. Besties and backroads
  3. Friends and freeways
  4. Why fly when you can spend hours in a cramped car with people you love?
  5. Car rides are the ultimate test of friendship, patience, and bladder control.
  6. Never a dull moment
  7. Where the conversations are deep, and the gas tank is shallow.
  8. Car rides with friends = instant mood boosters.

Dog Car Ride Captions

Need a caption about car rides with your furry friend? Try one of these 🙂

girl on car ride with her dog
  1. Riding shotgun with my human chauffeur (speaking from the dog’s perspective of course)
  2. The best passenger prince(ss)
  3. #shotgundog
  4. This seat’s reserved for the goodest boy.
  5. Who’s really the boss here?

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  1. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but have they met my dog?
  2. Bark-seat driver
  3. Every car ride needs a little extra fur to keep things interesting
  4. Bark, ride, repeat.

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