7 Tips For Getting Over The Fear of Learning How To Drive

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Do you have a fear of learning to drive? With the 7 tips in this post, you can start getting over the fear of learning how to drive today!

getting over the fear of learning how to drive
Getting over the fear of learning how to drive

You’ve probably been procrastinating on getting your driver’s license for years now.

It seems like a huge, daunting task, and it’s easy to put off.

Too easy.

You have a list of excuses that you shuffle through whenever people ask about it.

You tell yourself you’re comfortable with taking an Uber or having to ask someone to drop you off wherever you want to go.

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But deep down, you want your driver’s license.

You just wish you could skip the learning part.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was just like you.

I always knew I wanted to drive, but I put it off for years because it ‘just wasn’t a priority ‘.

Then all of a sudden I was in my early twenties and I had no more excuses.

I knew I had to face my fear… so I came up with a plan.

Below are the 7 (potentially life-changing) tips I used that helped me finally get over the fear of driving.

(As of writing, I’m just a few weeks away from finally getting my license!)

Getting Over The Fear Of Learning How To Drive

1. Know the benefits of driving

Friends, family, and society in general can have a lot of expectations of us.

One of those expectations is that by a certain age, you should know how to drive — no questions asked.

But to begin getting over the fear of learning how to drive, you need to be clear on your why.

Are you learning to drive because you feel pressured to or because you know you’re going to benefit from it?

This is key.

Knowing the benefits of driving and actually wanting these benefits for yourself is a great way to turn fear into excitement.

You’ll begin to think of driving as a secret power to unlock, rather than a daunting task you’re pressured into.

Whenever you feel fearful about driving, I recommend reminding yourself of all the things you’ll be able to do when you get your driver’s license.

This is a simple but powerful first step.

Check out the link below to learn some of the great benefits of driving.

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2. Get comfortable in the driver’s seat

This second tip is crucial.

The driver’s seat is unlike any other seat in a vehicle.

It has the steering wheel in front, gas and brake pedals at the bottom, the hand brakes and gears to the side, and a whole lot of other buttons, knobs, and controls.

The driver’s seat is unlike any other seat in the vehicle

It’s no wonder why sitting in this spot can make you anxious — there’s so much to get used to!

If you have access to a vehicle at home, I recommend you sit in the driver’s seat whenever you get the chance.

Maybe this might be while you’re waiting on someone else, or at a random time when the vehicle is just sitting in the driveway.

You don’t have to do anything, not even turn on the engine.

The goal is only to get familiar with the feeling of being in this seat.

Once you get used to it, you’ll find that it doesn’t make you (so) anxious anymore.

3. Sit in the front passenger seat

Tip number 3 for getting over the fear of learning to drive is to sit in the front passenger seat while someone else is driving.

This may seem oddly simple — maybe it’s something you already do often — but it works wonders on your mind.

It’s kinda like you’re driving, but you don’t have to worry about moving the car.

While you’re in the front passenger seat, you want to observe the driver and how they change gears, use the pedals, check the mirrors, and more.

Pay attention to what they’re paying attention to.

Also, look at the way the other vehicles behave and how the road works.

Like tip number 2, this exercise will help you get familiar with being in the front part of the vehicle, while also getting an up-close view of what driving is like.

4. Get your expectations right

Repeat after me: ‘No one is born knowing how to drive.

This means that there was a time that every single driver (even the ones that act like they know it all) once knew absolutely nothing.

They all had to start somewhere and learn the basics, and they all made mistakes.

It was only after hours and hours of practice that they got better — and it’s possible for you too!

Driving is like learning to read and comprehend as a kid.

You probably don’t remember those days but the fact that you’re reading or listening to this article is proof that you learned.

So please be kind to yourself.

Don’t expect that you should know everything on the first try.

Your expectations should be this and this only: YES I will be nervous and make mistakes. But with time I WILL get better!

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Reminding yourself of this will help take some pressure off you and help you to get started.

This brings us to tip number 5.

5. Sign up for your first class

Once you realize that driving is a skill that is learned, take the next step and sign up for your first class.

You don’t have to do a week of classes or even two classes — just one will do.

Consider this your non-commital risk-free trial.

It’s like when you check out the trailer of a movie to see if you really want to watch it.

This first class will help you see if learning to drive is for you.

Once you do that first class, you’ll probably realize that driving isn’t as bad as it first seemed.

But if it’s not for you, that’s okay! You tried and now you know.

And if it is, then great! You’re on your way to getting over the fear of learning how to drive.

6. Play some driving games

Yes, there are games about driving. And no, they’re not just for kids.

Some of these driving games can actually be quite helpful in getting you over the fear of learning how to drive.

They’ll give you a feel for being behind the wheel and help you get familiar with some of the basic concepts of driving.

Of course, they’re not an exact replica of real life but they’ll still be beneficial nonetheless.

And who knows — you might even have some fun while playing them!

7. Talk about it

Last but certainly not least.

A key step in my journey of getting over the fear of learning how to drive was this: I talked about it.

I spoke to friends and family about how I felt and they encouraged me to take the first step and not to let fear stop me.

It doesn’t sound like much, but this really helped me build the courage to finally start driving.

If you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable talking to about your fear of learning how to drive, don’t underestimate the power of online communities.

There you’ll find loads of people who are willing to offer advice and encouragement, and share their experiences with you!

You may even find someone in the same situation as you, and you guys can work through it together.

Here are some online driving communities you might want to check out 🙂


I hope these tips help you on your journey to getting over the fear of learning how to drive.

Just remember that it is a process, and take things one step at a time.

You’ll be fine <3

If you have any tips of your own, please share them in the comments below or in our subreddit 🙂

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  1. Any tips for someone in their 30s not early 20s who has practiced driving for 100s of hours either with an instructor or friend or family member and yet has failed their test 6 times

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