23 Super Cute Car Poses For Women & Girls

Take your car pics to the next level.


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In this post, we’ll show you 23 of the best car poses for women, to help take your car pics to the next level.

Everyone knows that car pics are one of the best kinds of photos.

But, when you only have one pose every time, they can quickly get boring to look at. 

So what do you do?

In this post, we’ll walk you through 23 simple but cute car poses that’ll make your next car pic 10 times more interesting to look at. 

We’ve titled this post ‘car poses for women’ but guys can learn from this too, so stick around!

These car poses will help anyone look good and they’re really easy to recreate.

Before we begin, we’d also like to thank all the fantastic people who allowed us to feature their photos in this post for your inspiration. We’ve included links to their Instagram accounts on every photo, so feel free to check out their profiles and show them some love!

Alright, grab your keys & let’s get started!

Car Poses For Women

1. The Snack(s) in the Trunk

You’re a snack, you’re a meal, you’re a whole bag of groceries! And where do we put those?? In the trunk!

(We know…. that was super cheesy.)

To recreate this pose, simply place one or both feet up on the trunk of your car and smile for the camera. This pose is perfect for showing off your new shoes or just having a good time with friends.

Location in car: trunk

Props: optional


  • Get rid of any clutter in your trunk so you can be the focus of the photo
  • Put one or both feet up, to draw more attention to your shoes. 
  • Use your feet to cover up your license plate (for online safety)
  • Try this car pose alone or with friends

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2. Passenger Princess

The passenger princess car pose is an easy one that you take – of course – in the front passenger seat. Make it more interesting with a prop like flowers or your favorite snack/ drink or take the opportunity to show off your outfit.

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Location in car: front passenger seat

Props: flowers, phone, drink, snack, glasses, etc


  • Cross your legs for a more elegant look or put one up on the seat for an edgy vibe
  • Be mindful of the scene outside the car window – a good background can really add or take away from your photo
  • Draw attention to your prop with your hands, or pretend to fix your outfit if you want to highlight it

3. Backseat Baddie

The backseat baddie car pose stands out because most car poses are taken in the front seat.

This is an easy photo to take in a taxi or if you’re just waiting for someone in the car.

Location in car: backseat

Props: optional


  • The backseat can be dark compared to the front seat which gets lots of light from the windscreen, so tilt your face towards the window to get better lighting.

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4. Mirror, Mirror

Who doesn’t love a quick mirror selfie? For this car pose, simply flip down the sun visor in the front seat and serve your best face.

Location in car: front seat

Props: optional


  • Be sure to clean your visor mirror for a nice clear pic

5. Stepping Out

‘Stepping out’ is a great car pose for women. It’s visually interesting because you get to bring attention to your hair, face, outfit, shoes, and car all at the same time.

All you do is open the door, swing your legs outside and say cheese.

Location in car: front or backseat

Props: optional


  • Placing your camera above or below eye level makes your photo even more interesting to look at.

6. Side Chique

We’ve called this one the ‘side chique’ because it really is a chique pose. It’s a great opportunity to draw attention to pretty earrings, fancy sunglasses, or your amazing makeup skills.

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Location in car: front seat

Props: none


  • To take this car pose to the next level, wait till you’re in a really beautiful spot like in the photo above.
  • If the scenery outside your window is ugly or distracting, don’t worry – just zoom in!

7. On Da Hood

This car pose for women is super cool yet really easy to recreate. Simply lean back on the front hood of your car and that’s it!

Location in car: on the hood

Props: optional


  • Taking the photo above or below eye level makes it even more interesting (we really adore this angle by @moonsmango

8. Pump It Up

This isn’t exactly a pose — it’s more about the location.

At the gas station, try snapping some pics in or outside your car. There are so many possible variations of this one, from angles to props to lighting.

Use your creativity to come up with some great ideas.

Location: In or outside your car at the gas station

Props: snacks, cellphone, or gas pump/ bowser


  • You probably won’t be able to take this photo on your own, so get a good friend to help you out

9. Drink & Drive

The ‘drink & drive’ is one of the easiest car poses to recreate. The best part is that it’s totally legal!

Location: driver’s seat

Props: Your favorite drink


  • Never drive while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

10. Strapped In

For this car pose, show everyone how good you look with a seatbelt on — because safety IS cute!

Location: front or back seat

Props: seatbelt


  • Ensure that your seatbelt is lying flat across your chest. A twisted or bulky seatbelt will make you feel (and look) uncomfortable and can ruin your outfit.

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11. Act Natural, It’s The Cops

Imagine you just got pulled over by the cops and your only chance of getting away is with your best pose.

Although this won’t work in real life (we wish), it’s still a great way to get a good pic.

Location: front seats

Props: optional


  • The more far-fetched your pose, the funnier the photo
  • Try using ‘act natural, it’s the cops’ as your caption, so people understand the photo better

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12. Getting Ready

Raise your hand if you’ve ever touched up your makeup or hair in the car.

That makes two of us.

For this car pose, get someone to take a candid photo of you as you put on makeup or fix your hair.

This pose is perfect for when you want to show off your cute look!

Location: front seats

Props: makeup, hair accessories, etc


  • If you get ready in the car often, you’ll probably love this car mirror from Amazon. It attaches to your car visor and has three light modes so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

13. The Tourist

We’re in love with this pretty pic @autumncarterr. For this car pose act like an enthusiastic tourist and stick your head out the window to ‘admire’ your surroundings.

Location: front passenger seat or backseat

Props: optional


  • For safety reasons, please only do this if the car you’re in is parked.
  • Never put your head out on the side of traffic! This pose is only safe to do if you’re parked next to the sidewalk or in a parking lot.

14. Twinning

Matching with your car is such a vibe.

If you and your car are twinning, don’t miss the opportunity! Grab your camera and strike a pose.

Location: outside the car

Props: optional

Tips & Details:

  • If you’re taking a pic next to a car you don’t own, first try to get the owner’s permission and be sure to protect them by covering their license plate in the photo.

15. Through The Looking Glass

This is a unique car pose you don’t see often.

For this one, ask someone to stand outside your car while you look away or make eye contact with the camera.

Location: front seat

Props: optional

Tips & Details:

  • The secret to a great photo is to have a really clean windscreen. We recommend using a windscreen cleaner set to keep your windscreen squeaky clean.

16. Wind In Ur Hair

For this car pose, embrace the wind in your hair. Lean back with your head out the window, and let the wind do its thing.

Location: car window

Prop Ideas: sunglasses

Tips & Details:

  • Again, please be sure to do this safely! Your car should be parked, and your head should not be out on the side of traffic.

17. Car Selfie

Of course, the famous car selfie (#carfie) had to make the list. As we mentioned earlier, it can get a little boring, so we’ll show you how to spice it up a bit.

But first:

What is a car selfie?

Just in case you don’t know, let’s first talk about what a car selfie is. (Hint: it’s exactly what it sounds like.) 

A car selfie is a close-up photo you take of yourself in the car. This photo is typically taken in the driver or front passenger seat but can be taken from the backseat too. 

How to make your car selfies more interesting:

The secret to spicing up your car selfies isn’t about the location — it’s all about the angles.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different angles until you find one that you love.

Car Poses For Women – Without Showing Your Face

Want to snap some pics in your car, but not in the mood to show your face?

Try out one of these cute car poses below!

18. Holding Hands

This is a super cute car pose idea for couples that doesn’t require you to show your face.

Location: front seats

Props Ideas: none

Tips & Details:

  • This pose can be even cuter if you and your S/O have matching accessories or complementary colors.

19. Heart Hands

Love is in the air with this car pose!

This is another great car pose idea for couples but you can also do it with your friends, siblings, or parents.

Location: front seats

Prop Ideas: none

Tips & Details:

  • to make this pose even more aesthetic, wait until you have a nice view, like a pretty sunset
  • just like with the ‘holding hands’ car pose, you can make this pic even more adorable if you and your S/O have matching accessories or complementary colors

20. Outfit Check

This car pose is a great way to bring all the attention to a bomb outfit. No need to worry about your hair or makeup!

Location: in or outside your car

Prop Ideas: none

Tips & Details:

  • ensure your clothes are wrinkle and stain-free for a clean, put-together look
  • use a lint roller to remove any dust and lint

21. Sneaker Check

This car pose is pretty similar to the one before, except all attention goes to your shoes. This is a great pose for showing off your new kicks, favorite heels, or fresh pedicure.

Location: in or outside your car

Prop Ideas: none

Tips & Details:

  • ensure your shoes are nice and clean
  • keep your feet moisturized!

22. I Spy

The I Spy car pose is perfect for capturing the scene outside your window while also showing of a pretty hair-do!

Location: in front of your car window

Prop Ideas: none

Tips & Details:

  • taking this photo in a moving car can create a blurry background that may be even more interesting to look at

23. In A Blur

Blurry photos are always interesting — they help break the monotony of perfectly poised photos.

You can take a blurry selfie or have someone take a photo of you while you’re driving.

Location: anywhere in the car

Prop Ideas: none

Tips & Details:

  • if you want to take a blurry photo try using a fast shutter speed and a low ISO

5 Important Tips for Taking Photos In Your Car

1. Don’t snap and drive

As tempting as it might be, please do not take pictures (or videos) while you are driving!

Taking your eyes off the road for even a second is risky and dangerous. 

Your life is worth way more than a hundred cute photos.

If you’re feeling cute and really want your picture taken, try one of these:

  • Pull into a parking lot and take your pics there
  • Ask someone in the passenger seat to take a picture for you.
  • Wait until you’re stuck in traffic to snap a photo, but first be sure it’s completely safe to do so. 

2. Use a car mount

A car mount makes it soo much easier to get your best angles while taking photos of yourself in the car. 

This one can be attached to your dashboard, windscreen, or steering wheel so that you can easily capture lots of cool photos at all the right angles.

3. Tidy up

A messy background can really kill a cute photo.

Your car doesn’t need to be spotless every time you want to take a quick selfie, but you’ll probably want to tidy up if you’re planning to post your photo anywhere

If you have difficulty keeping your car neat and clean, you’ll probably want to get a car bin and/or car organizer to keep your stuff neat and organized.

You’ll thank us later.

4. Check your lighting

We all know how important good lighting is to a photo.

Luckily, during the day, it’s easy to get lots of natural lighting from the car windows and windscreen, particularly if you’re in any of the front seats. 

If you’re in the backseat, you may want to face one of the windows or try sitting in the middle seat so you can benefit from the light from your windscreen.

If your windows are tinted, roll them down for a brighter photo, or keep them up for a more dark and sultry vibe.

At night, turning on the dome light or other interior lights can help to improve your car selfies.

5. Get comfortable

Believe it or not, if you’re not relaxed your photos just won’t look ‘right’.

That’s because the best (car) poses are the ones where you feel confident and comfortable.

So relax!

Find a location where you feel comfortable taking selfies, have plenty of time so you’re not rushing, and choose an outfit that makes you feel cute and confident. 

Next, try out all sorts of different car poses until you find your favorite.


Car selfies are iconic, but they can quickly get boring if you always have the same pose.

In this post, we go over 23 super cute car poses for women (and guys) that will make your next car pic way more interesting.

We want to say a thank you one more time to all the amazing people who allowed us to feature their photos in this post.

We appreciate you!

If you’d love to have your car related photos featured on our blog, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

We’d love to work with you! 

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