6 Benefits Of Driving (Why You Should Learn To Drive This Year)

Is a drivers’ license worth the trouble?

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Should you bother to get your driver’s license? This post gives 6 good reasons why you should learn to drive.

reasons why you should learn how to drive
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Should I learn to drive?

In the age of Uber, Lyft, taxis, buses, bikes, and trains, the need to learn how to drive is becoming less and less urgent for some.

Yes, learning to drive can be difficult, and cars are expensive. And besides, why drive when someone or something else can get you to where you want to go? 

Many are wondering: Is learning to drive worth it?

Our answer is a big yes!

When you learn how to drive, you unlock a variety of benefits that you have for life.

Below are 6 of our favorite benefits of driving.


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Benefits Of Driving – Reasons Why You Should Learn To Drive

1. Independence

One of the greatest benefits of driving is the independence it gives you.

When you can’t drive, you are dependent on other people to get you where you need to go. You are limited by the schedule of the bus or train and by the plans of any other person who could drive you.

You can’t pick up and drive yourself if you wanted to, and woe to you if you’re running late for work or school or some other event. 

Maybe you’re thinking that you can easily take some form of taxi to get to your destination. 

While that is true, you are still dependent on your driver. 

You are dependent on their driving skills, on their trustworthiness, on their mood, and even on their music!

Of course, many people end up with really professional and pleasant drivers… but some aren’t that lucky.

When you get your license you can take yourself where you want or need to go, on your time and on your terms.

You’re not dependent on anyone else.

2. Convenience

Another good reason you should learn to drive is for convenience.

At any time of day, you are free to go where you please.

Raining? No problem. No need to worry about wearing the right shoes or getting wet or worrying if you don’t know where your umbrella is.

Snow? You can still get there.

Hungry at 4 am? No biggie.

Zombie apocalypse? Say no more.

On a serious note, the convenience that comes with being able to drive is so beneficial.

Your car becomes your personal space with lots of available storage.

You don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bag around or having to pay to have your groceries delivered.

You can bring along an extra pair of shoes if you want to or just about anything else you’d like.

Your car becomes your second home on wheels.

3. Safety

Safety is yet another benefit of driving.

In the comfort of your own car, you don’t need to worry about the creepy person with you on the bus or train or the reckless driving skills of someone else.

You can drive at a speed you feel comfortable, with no unwanted passengers.

4. Savings

Yes, public transport has its place — but it also has its downsides.

You have to navigate through large crowds, stand in line, face all kinds of weather conditions, meet all kinds of strange characters, and risk getting some unknown sticky substance on your clean clothes.

There’s also the chance that you’ll miss your bus or train if you happen to be running late.

By learning to drive, you not only save time but also your mental health because, let’s face it, public transportation can really be a hassle.

5. Handling Emergencies

Those last 3 benefits were all relevant to people who have their driver’s license and a car.

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But what if you can’t buy your own car?

Or what if you don’t want to get a car because of parking issues or some other reason?

Should you still learn to drive?

The answer is yes!

Learning to drive is an essential skill that can even save you or your loved ones in the event of an emergency.


  • It’s late at night and your loved one is feeling seriously ill and needs to go to the hospital or
  • The person who is supposed to take you home is a bit more than tipsy or
  • Someone driving you is suddenly unable to go on

And we’ve all seen those movies where the victim is able to jump into a vehicle and drive away before their attacker can get to them.

little girl driving a small car

These are just a few examples where knowing how to drive is more than useful.

Can you imagine what you would do in those situations if there was a car but you were not able to drive?

We don’t mean to scare you, but these are real-life scenarios that have happened to others before you. 

Rather than feeling helpless in those situations, learning to drive allows you to feel confident driving yourself and your loved ones to safety.

6. Adventure

Finally, one of the best benefits of driving is that it opens up a whole new world to you. 


Remember how Jasmine and Aladdin got to see so many wonderful things on that magic carpet?

Well, getting your driver’s license gives you access to your own ‘magic carpet’. 

Aladdin, Jasmine & the magic carpet

Whether you have your own car or you have to rent one, knowing how to drive allows you to visit places you could never go on foot or by bus.

You could even take a road trip with friends, go on a cute car date, or drive to your favorite spot alone, just to relax.

You can have so many amazing experiences once you master the skill of driving.

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reasons to drive


So there you have it — our 6 favorite benefits of driving! 

These are just a few reasons why you should learn to drive, whether you plan to get a car or not.

We hope at least one of them convinced you to get your driver’s license this year!

Can you think of any other reasons why you should learn to drive?

Let us know in the comments!

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