Top 6 Must-Haves for Student Drivers

Learning to drive just got easier : )


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This post is all about the 6 must-haves for student drivers for safe and comfortable driving.

must-haves for student drivers

There’s no doubt about it — some things just make life easier.

There are lots of nifty tools and gadgets to help us in the kitchen, with the laundry, at work… the list goes on.

Driving is no exception.

If you’re looking to learn how to drive or you’ve already begun the journey, you’ll love this list of must-haves for student drivers.

Below are the top 6 things we think every student driver should get. These will definitely make your learning-to-drive experience safe and much more comfortable.

Don’t believe us?

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Must-Have Items for Student Drivers

1. Rearview Mirror Expander

Not to sound dramatic, but driving with a rearview mirror expander is kinda life-changing.

You simply attach it to your regular rearview mirror and suddenly you can see everything behind you.

For a student driver, this means better visibility which will help you feel more confident and safer while driving, which is especially important during the learning phase.

Using a rearview mirror expander can also help you develop good driving habits, such as regularly checking your mirrors to be aware of your surroundings.

2. Blind Spot Mirrors

As you get more practice with driving, you’ll soon become familiar with blind spots — those pesky yet dangerous areas where you can’t see what’s coming.

Because it’s difficult to see, blind spots increase the risk of an accident so it’s important you always check them.

These blind spot mirrors are therefore super helpful since they help to reduce blind spots and increase visibility for safer driving.

They’re perfect for students learning to change lanes, merge or make turns.

3. Comfortable Driving Shoes

Good driving shoes are underrated — but they make a huge difference.

(I personally noticed a significant difference in my driving when I wore shoes that weren’t so comfortable vs when I didn’t.)

The best driving shoe will differ from person to person, but we recommend a shoe should that fits well, provides a good grip on the pedals, and be flexible enough to allow for natural movements of the foot while driving.

For some people, this may be sneakers or athletic shoes, and for others, this may be loafers or driving moccasins.

Find your perfect driving shoe on

4. Student Driver Sticker

We couldn’t leave this one off our list of must-haves for student drivers.

One big reason to get a student driver sticker is to let other drivers know that you’re new.

This lets them know to be kind and patient with you which takes pressure away from you as a newbie and gives you room to make mistakes.

There are loads of different student driver stickers, so you can easily find one that suits your personality.

5. Driving Books

While driving is definitely a very ‘hands-on’ activity, don’t underestimate how much you can learn from reading the right books.

Whether you struggle with identifying traffic signs or practicing for your DMV theory exam, there are loads of books to help.

6. Auto Insurance

According to “New drivers always need auto insurance, including while they’re learning to drive.”

If we’re being honest, you’re more likely to be involved in accidents than someone with more experience — so having insurance is definitely important.

Auto insurance can help protect you financially in case of an accident, by covering damages to your vehicle and any other vehicles involved, as well as medical expenses for injuries.

It’s important to do your research to find the best insurance that suits your needs and is within your budget.

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must-haves for student drivers

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