6 Ways To Get FREE & Super Cheap Car Accessories

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Looking for some cheap car accessories? In this post, you’ll learn 6 easy ways to get free and super cheap car accessories for your ride.

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Car accessories are awesome.

They help to personalize your car and make it cute, and they add features you wouldn’t ordinarily have.

Car accessories can give old and used cars a new look, and they also help to make your ride more comfortable.

There’s only one downside to car accessories — they can be expensive!

With gas, maintenance, and other car expenses to think about, not everyone can afford to spend lots of money on cute car accessories.

I totally understand!

So, if you have a limited budget or maybe you’re a teenager with no job, you’ll love this post.

Below are 6 easy ways to get free and ridiculously cheap car accessories for your ride.

Let’s get started!

How to get CHEAP car accessories

1. Look in the right places

There are tons of places that sell car accessories, but not all of them cater to people with a lower budget.

I’m sure you can think of a couple of stores where you would never ever find a $3 keychain.

With that said, the easiest way to find cheap car accessories is to look in the right places.

Check out places like thrift stores, small businesses, and craft shops.

If you’re looking to find cheap car accessories online, there are even more affordable options available!

Below are some online stores that sell cute car accessories that won’t break the bank.

Where do you buy cheap car accessories online?


Aliexpress is number one on this list for a good reason.

Where else can you find car accessories for less than $2???

Click here to see more cute but cheap car accessories on Aliexpress.


Another great site to find cheap car accessories and gadgets is eBay.

eBay sells both new and used items at really affordable prices.

Even if items are used that doesn’t mean they’re in terrible condition.

The key is to check out the seller’s reviews, which we’ll talk about later.

If you look carefully on eBay, you could get some cool car accessories for half the regular price!

Click here to find cheap car accessories on eBay.


If you’re confused about why Etsy is on this list, I understand.

Etsy can be pricey, particularly if you’re buying something customized or fully handmade.

But there are also many Etsy shops that sell cheap car accessories.

For instance, you can find lots of cool car decals and stickers on Etsy for $5 or less.

Here are some more cute shops I spotted with some car accessories under $10:


You may not know this, but Shein doesn’t only sell clothing.

There are so many cool cheap car accessories starting at just $2!

I love Shein because almost every item has reviews with pictures so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

Click here to see cheap car accessories on Shein.

Tips for buying cheap car accessories online

Sites like the ones above are great for finding cheap car accessories.

However, a concern many people have is the quality of the goods available, which is totally understandable.

You want cheap car accessories, not car accessories that look cheap!

Like I mentioned earlier, the key to finding cheap yet high-quality car accessories (on any site) is to read the reviews.

Reviews will tell you everything you need to know about:

  • the way the item works
  • how long it actually takes to ship
  • if it’s faulty or damaged
  • how long it lasts

Even better if the reviews have photos!

If there are no reviews for a particular item you want, avoid it — you don’t want to waste your money on a trashy item.

If you really want something that has no reviews, check if there are good reviews on other items the seller/shop has.

It’s still a risk, but if the item is cute enough, you might just want to give it a try!

2. Use coupons

The second way to get cheap car accessories is to use coupons.

Coupons give you perks like free shipping, discounts, and even free gifts when you shop at your favorite stores.

With coupons, you can save lots of money and get cute car accessories for much less than you normally would.

Where do you find coupons, you ask?

My favorite way to find coupons is using Honey.

Honey is a free browser extension that’ll automatically find coupons when you shop and apply the best one to your cart.

Need a coupon? Click to get one using the Honey chrome extension

All you have to do is sit back and watch.

Honey also offers cashback, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

In the meanwhile, you can click here to join Honey for free.

3. DIY

The third way to get cheap car accessories is to actually make them yourself!

You can make car freshies (air freshener), crochet steering wheel covers, car charms and so much more.

Armed with some craft supplies and your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

In fact, you don’t even need to be creative!

There are loads of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube that’ll show you what to do, step-by-step.

By DIY-ing your car accessories, you can make something cute at a fraction of what it would cost if you bought it at a store.

Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself.

How to get FREE car accessories

In this section, we’ll talk about 4 ways to get car accessories for $0.00.

Don’t believe me?

Read on!

4. Free gift cards

The first way to get free car accessories is to ‘buy’ them using gift cards you earn, rather than pay for.

How do you get these?

Sites like Swagbucks give you points for completing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and playing games.

Free gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping & more. Click to start earning.

When you’ve earned enough points you can redeem them for gift cards or cash back that you can use for whatever you want — including car accessories!

Click here to sign up for Swagbucks.

The pros of using Swagbucks:

  • The points add up pretty quickly if you’re consistent
  • It takes little effort to start earning
  • You can earn money by doing simple, everyday tasks

The downsides of using Swagbucks:

  • Can be time-consuming if you want to earn quickly
  • It’s only available in certain countries like the U.S

Click here to sign up for Swagbucks and start earning.

5. Cashback

Another way to get free car accessories is through cashback.

I’ll explain.

Cashback is a small percentage of the money you spend on purchases that you get back (source).

Earning cashback is easy with the Honey browser extension.

All you have to do is shop like normal and Honey will do the rest.

How Honey works

Then, once you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash on PayPal that you can use to get free car accessories!

I use Honey all the time and I’m so close to getting my second gift card 🙂

Here are some other sites like Honey that’ll help you earn cashback when you shop:

The positives of earning cashback:

  • Get paid to buy things you were already planning to purchase
  • No extra effort is required — except shopping!

The downsides:

  • You have to spend before you earn

6. Samples

The final way to get free car accessories is to get them as samples.

Many companies give small samples to eligible customers — and you don’t have to buy anything to get them!

This Reddit forum is filled with samples you can get of a variety of items, including stickers that you can use on your car.

Click here to find samples on Reddit.


Car accessories are great — but they can be expensive.

In this post, learn 6 easy ways to get free and super cheap car accessories to accessorize your ride.

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