All The Car Interior Inspo You Could Ever Need

Get the car [interior] of your dreams


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Need some ideas to transform your car into a space you love? In this post, we’ll share all car interior inspo you could ever need to get started.

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For many of us, our cars are like our second home. But in that case… it should look like it, right?

No one wants a dirty car, but a car that’s just plain and boring can be just as much of an eye-sore to the creative being.

If this is you, you’re most definitely in the right place.

Below are 10 car interior inspo photos plus tips to recreate them, to get you started. We’ve divided them into two sections: ‘general themes’ and ‘little ideas’.

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Car Interior Inspo (Themes)

If you like to go all out, at least one of the inspo pics below is bound to catch your attention.

Your car’s interior can be themed by color or aesthetic and it’s when all your car decor seems to fit perfectly with each other.

1. Cozy Green

If you like having passengers for late-night drives, deep conversations, and side-splitting laughter, you’ll love this super cozy car interior.

It’s simple but classy and is bound to get lots of wows.

Recreate This Car Interior:

2. Pretty in Pink

On Wednesdays we wear pink… and Thursdays… and Fridays… and forever!

If you’re a pink lover and you’re not ashamed to admit it, try out this all-pink car interior idea.

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Recreate This Car Interior:

3. Funky & Bold

This car interior is not for the timid.

It features a lot of bold pieces and is perfect for those who love to make a statement.

Recreate This Car Interior:

4. Butterfly Garden

There’s something about beautiful flowers and butterflies that bring a sense of peace to the human soul.

If you like a clean, beautiful, and relaxing space, you need to try this butterfly garden car interior.

Recreate This Car Interior:

5. Gentle Cow Girl

The cowgirl car interior is simple but undeniably cute.

It’s perfect for those who love a blend of country coziness and playful style.

Recreate This Car Interior:

Car Interior Inspo (Little Ideas)

If you aren’t looking to go big, you don’t have to go home (hehe). Below are 5 little ideas that can make a big difference to your car’s interior.

Please note that you can find all the images below along with their sources here.

1. Car Friends

Keeping stuffed animals in your car is a quick and easy way to make it instantly cuter. Plus, if you have anxiety driving alone, you may even like the extra company.

2. Pillows

If you want to make your car look super cozy, try adding some pillows (and a blanket). Your passengers will also love them, especially if they like to take naps!

3. Stickers

Adding stickers to your car is a great way to show off your personality. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and aesthetics so it’s easy to find something that’s just … you.

4. Rearview Mirror Accessory

Having a bold rearview mirror accessory is like wearing a large hat — it says a lot about you and people are going to notice.

Choose something you actually want people to notice.

5. Flora

Not everyone appreciates flowers and plants, but if you do, why not add some to your car?

Adding some greenery (fake or real) can make driving in your car feel like you’re skipping through a beautiful meadow.