Cottagecore Car Accessories For A Super Cozy Ride

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Want a cottagecore car? These cottagecore car accessories will make your car super cozy and amazing.

What are cottagecore car accessories?

If you do a quick search for cottagecore photos you’ll find lots of pictures of meadows, picnics, handmade jams, flowers, and mushrooms.

You’ll also notice animals like ducks, geese, frogs, and cows.

That’s because the cottagecore aesthetic is based on a simple, cozy cottage lifestyle.

Cottagecore car accessories are charms, stickers, and other accessories that bring those cozy cottage vibes right into your car.

So, if you’re into the cottagecore aesthetic, below are 11 cottagecore car accessories you’ll definitely want to get.

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Cottagecore Car Accessories

1. Mushroom Car Decoration

These handpainted mushrooms are so cute! Stick them on your dashboard, near the window, or even on the side mirror for instant cottagecore vibes!

2. Punch Needle Frog Coasters

Coasters are great for protecting your car from spills. But these cute frog coasters won’t just protect your car — they’ll also make you smile!

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3. Cottagecore Coasters

Speaking of coasters, this set of 2 features flowers, mushrooms, and cute little frogs!

It’s just the perfect cottagecore car accessory.

4. Hanging crochet strawberries

We hate to be corny, but isn’t this strawberry rearview mirror accessory the sweetest?

They’ll easily brighten up your whole car.

5. Mushroom Car Charms

Next, we have these pretty mushroom car charms. They hang behind your rearview mirror and will definitely make your car feel more whimsical.

6. Fluffy Goose Steering Wheel Cover

Isn’t it just adorable?

This fuzzy steering wheel cover will make your driving experience a lot cozier.

7. Goose Rearview Mirror Suncatcher

Who can resist an adorable little goose? This pretty suncatcher is just perfect!

8. Cozy Flower Steering Wheel & Seatbelt Covers

This set screams cottagecore! It’s the cutest thing for your car.

9. Add Grass!

Add grass to your car to take it to a whole other level.

With this, driving will be kinda like running through a beautiful grassy meadow!

This idea was inspired by the TikTok below and is super easy to recreate.

All you need is some grass carpet like this one from Amazon, a carpet knife, and your creativity.

10. Spotted Cow Head Freshie

Number 10 on our list of cottagecore car accessories is this cute cow freshie.

Not only will it make your car cuter — it’ll also make it smell amazing!

11. Plant Vent Clips

Finally, we have these plant vent clips. They’re one of the easiest ways to make your car cottagecore.

Just slip them in and you’re done!

P.S: They’re also air fresheners 🙂

Cottagecore Car Interior Inspiration

Looking for some more inspo for your cottagecore car?

Check out these photos and videos below!

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