16 Simple Senior Parking Spot Ideas That Don’t Require The Artistic Skills Of Da Vinci

or Picasso, or van Gogh

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This post is all about easy and simple senior parking spot ideas.

Getting to paint your parking spot is something almost every senior looks forward to.

It’s a great way to leave your mark at your high school, even if it’s just for a year.

It’s also an opportunity to express yourself creatively with your favorite colors, quotes, characters, and more.

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Sadly, not all of us were born with the skills to paint the Mona Lisa – and that’s okay!

You can still create a great parking spot painting even if you struggle to draw a smiley face : )

Besides, simple parking spaces are great because you don’t have to spend hours and hours painting.

So without further ado, here are 16 simple senior parking spot ideas that are super easy to recreate but will still impress your friends and even some of your teachers.

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What You Need:

Below are a few items you’ll find helpful when painting your parking spot. Click here for the full list of supplies.

Simple Senior Parking Spot Ideas

1. Twister Parking Spot Idea

Everyone knows the iconic game of Twister.

This parking spot will bring back all the nostalgia of playing this game and the laughter that it brought.

To recreate this parking spot painting, you only need to paint (or stick) colorful circles on a white background and add the word ‘Twister’ at the top and bottom.

2. Word Search Parking Space

Recreate this parking spot by painting letters on a colored background – that’s it!

You can find a word search theme you like or create your own, and copy the letters.

You can go two ways with this idea:

  1. Circle some words, like in the photo below
  2. Or leave the words uncircled and let people have fun finding them!

3. Better Late Than Ugly

It’s true sometimes, isn’t it?

This funny parking spot idea will take you half the time to recreate and is sure to get smiles and chuckles from those who see it.

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4. Where’s Waldo-Inspired Parking Spot

Inspired by the fun (and sometimes challenging) book Where’s Waldo? (or Where’s Wally?), this parking spot is perfect for the student who’s notoriously hard to find.

5. Inspirational Parking Spot Ideas

These beautiful parking spot ideas are a great way to share your faith and inspire others.

The writing might take a bit more time, but it’s totally doable if you sketch it out with a pencil first.

You can also choose your own font — it’ll still look just as pretty.

6. Princess Parking Only!

No explanation needed!!

This parking spot lets everyone know the rules.

7. Monopoly

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you know that Park Place is one of the best places to own.

This is a fun design idea because it not only reminds everyone of the iconic board game but also declares your parking spot as the prime real estate of the parking lot.

8. Life Is Good

This parking spot painting will definitely brighten up your school’s parking lot.

It only requires a few steps but is a great way to spread positivity to students and staff alike.

9. Graffiti

Don’t be intimidated by all the colors and shapes – this parking spot idea is not complicated!

It’s graffiti, which means you can write and draw however you like without having to worry about it looking perfect.

10. Blue Sun

Your parking spot doesn’t need letters! You can recreate this simple but pretty parking spot with some stencils and tape.

You can also change the colors to whatever you like to make it more personal.

11. Abstract Parking Spot Idea

The great thing about squiggly lines is that anyone can do it.

This parking spot design requires only two colors but looks like a work of art.

12. Tyler The Creator Inspired Parking Spots

Inspired by Tyler, the Creator’s album (Call Me If You Get Lost) and clothing line (Golf Wang) respectively, these parking spots are gorgeous and will definitely be appreciated by other fans.

13. Initialed Parking Spot

Nothing says ‘mine’ like your initials.

This easy-to-recreate parking spot painting is eye-catching and can be easily customized to make it more personal.

You can even use your full name instead, like in the second photo.

14. Wet Paint

This funny parking space idea is so quick and easy, your paint will be dry while others are still busy painting.

15. Stars Wars Inspired Parking Spot

Star Wars fans will think this parking spot is one of the coolest.

But let’s be honest… it definitely is.

16. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Likely inspired by the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, this parking spot design is classy and cute!

If you think you’ll struggle with the star, a stencil will be insanely helpful.

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