Is It Time To Get A New Driving Instructor?

Or are you the problem?

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Is it time to get a new driving instructor? Or are you the problem? This post helps you find the answer.

is it time to get a new driving instructor

Who Is The Problem?

Sometimes, obstacles get in the way and prevent you from achieving your goals.

When it comes to getting your driver’s license, for example, this obstacle could be a terrible driving instructor.

It happens — not all instructors have the right qualities to help you get your license, fast.

But sometimes, the obstacle could be … YOU.

(Shocking, we know.)

It can be difficult to tell who the problem really is, but there are some key signs that will help you figure it out.

In this post, we’ll help you decide whether the problem truly is your current driving instructor, or if the issue lies within yourself.

To make this easier, we’ve labeled each sign with an A or B. Keep track of how many As and Bs you have to know who’s really keeping you from getting your driver’s license.

Let’s begin!

Signs It’s Time To Get A New Driving Instructor

Sign #1: Little to No Progress

You hear your friends talking about doing three-point turns, parallel parking, and hill starts — but you don’t even know what these words mean.

A: You’re still stuck driving the same route and you haven’t learned anything new in weeks. You have questions but your instructor never seems to have the (right) answers.


B: You don’t take notes after each lesson, so you’re not really sure what you’ve covered and what you haven’t. You say you rely on your memory, but the truth is you keep forgetting what you’ve been taught.

Sign #2: Lessons Always Start Late

Everyone runs late occasionally… life happens! But being constantly late is a big no-no, especially when it comes to learning how to drive.

A: Your instructor is habitually late, and they don’t bother to make up for the lost time. They still collect the same amount of money at the end of the lesson.


B: You’re the one who’s habitually late. You don’t mean to — it just happens. You keep having to repeat the same lame excuses and wasting valuable instruction time.

Sign #3: You’ve Been Learning To Drive For Months

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, it takes about 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of practice to learn how to drive.

Of course, these figures could be more or less, depending on how often your practice and how quickly you learn.

A: You feel like you’ve been doing lessons with your instructor for an unusually long time. You consistently show up at least once a week for classes, but everyone else seems to get their license before you.


B: You’re not consistent. You skip lessons and don’t put in the practice hours required to become a safe, confident driver. You don’t make the most of your lessons but you expect miracles to happen!

Sign #4: Feedback About Your Driving Doesn’t Sound Good

Learning how to drive isn’t easy and it’s natural for mistakes to be made. The most important thing is how these mistakes are handled.

A: Your instructor crushes you every time you make a mistake. They make sarcastic comments, roll their eyes, sigh, or do anything else to make you feel bad.

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B: You’re too sensitive. Your instructor might only be trying to help, but you take it personally and start to get defensive. Every correction makes you feel frustrated and defeated. Secretly, you’d prefer if your instructor didn’t make any comments at all.

Sign #5: You Don’t Feel Safe

Safety is crucial when learning how to drive and an instructor should make you feel at ease, not scared or uncomfortable.

A: Your instructor makes inappropriate comments, stares too long at you while driving, or touches you in a way that makes you feel uneasy. They give you the heeby-jeebies, and you dread getting into their car.

Sign #6: The Cost Of Driving Lessons Is Too Much For You

Learning to drive is definitely a worthy investment, but it shouldn’t completely drain your wallet (or your parents’).

A: You feel like your instructor is taking advantage of you and charging too much. You’re worried you have to stop because you can’t afford any more lessons.


B: You don’t consider driving an investment, so you don’t bother to save for it. Everything else comes first, whether it’s food, clothes, or going out. When it’s time for lessons, you barely have enough. Sometimes you borrow, and sometimes you skip lessons until the next time you come across some moolah.

So, Is It Time To Get A New Driving Instructor? (The Verdict)

Did you tally more A or B responses?

Check out the results below.

Mostly As

If you got more As than Bs, then it might be time to say goodbye to your driving instructor.

They’re clearly not helping you reach your goal and probably only milking your wallet.

Dump him girl - is it time to get a new driving instructor

You need someone who actually knows what they’re doing and will take you seriously.

When choosing your next instructor, look out for these 7 key qualities.


Mostly Bs

If you got more Bs than As, then you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

We don’t mean to be harsh but it’s obvious — you’re the problem.

Britney Murphy looking in the mirror - is it time to get a new driving instructor

You may be too sensitive, inconsistent with practice hours, or simply need to put in more effort.

We recommend you take the time to think about why you really want to learn how to drive so you can rebuild your motivation.

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Equal As and Bs

If you got an equal amount of As and Bs, it means both you and your instructor need to do some work.

We're bad people - is it time to get a new driving instructor

First, take some time to work on yourself, then look for a new instructor who can quickly help you achieve your goal.

We do not recommend sticking with the same bad instructor unless you really have no other choice.

You can control your actions but you can’t control theirs! That means there’s no way you can ensure that they’ll start taking you seriously.

Whoever may be at fault, remember that taking driving lessons is an investment in your future. Take it seriously and make sure that whoever is teaching you has your best interests at heart!

Good luck, and happy driving! 🚗💨

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