Free Editable Driver’s License Template

It’s the cutest!

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Looking for a free editable driver’s license template? Keep reading to learn how you can get our driver’s license template for free!

Free editable drivers license template

As we talk about in our post on how to take a good driver’s license photo, practicing your look ahead of time is key.

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Trying out different makeup, hairstyles, and poses, will help you figure out which is best for you, before the big day.

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However, even when you’ve taken the best practice photo ever, it can still look different once it’s shrunk and printed on a small plastic card.

This is why we recommend using a driver’s license template, to get a better idea of how your driver’s license will really look.

But, after doing our research, we realized that the free driver’s license templates out there weren’t that great :/

So, we decided to make our own free editable template and it’s super cute (if we may say so ourselves).

In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to use it, from downloading, to editing, to printing or sharing it with your friends.

Let’s begin!

What you need to use the driver’s license template

To use the Girls Who Drive editable driver’s license template, you only need two things:

  1. Your photo: this should follow all the guidelines of your country/ state. If you don’t know what those guidelines are, just call or email your local driver’s license agency.

  2. A Canva account: creating an account with Canva is free and easy!

    Click here to sign up for Canva.

How to get our free driver’s license templates

To get our driver’s license template, just enter your name and email in the box below.

We’ll send you two (2) links:

  1. one for our horizontal template (used in most countries)
  2. one for our vertical template (used in the U.S for drivers under 21)

P.S: Be sure to check ‘spam’ or ‘junk’, if you can’t find our email in your regular inbox.

How to use our editable driver’s license templates

Now, let’s get to the fun part.

1. Choose a version

Once you’ve received our email, open it and click any one of the links you’d like.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll send you two versions of our driver’s license template — one horizontal and one vertical.

Remember that the vertical template is used in most states in America for drivers under 21, but you can play around with any template you like.

When you click any of the template links it should open in Canva on a page like the one below.

Click ‘Use template‘.

Click use template

Log in or sign up, if you haven’t already done so.

Log in or sign up to Canva

Now, you’ll be able to edit the template!

3. Upload your photos

From the menu, click ‘Upload‘.

Find upload on the side menu of Canva
Click ‘upload’

Next, click ‘Upload media‘ to upload photos from your device. You can also just drag and drop your photo into Canva, or use one of the other options available.

Click upload media
Upload your photo(s) using one of the options available

Once your photo is successfully uploaded, it’ll appear under ‘images‘, like in the picture below.

upload your photo to the driver's license template

4. Choose a template design

You’d notice that each template comes with a variety of design options.

There are some designs with gradients, some with grids, and some with borders.

Scroll through and choose your favorite!

choose one of the 6 available driver's license template designs

5. Add your photos to the template

Once you’ve decided which design you want to use, it’s time to add your photo to the template.

It’s super important that you drag and drop your photo from ‘uploads’ to the areas with photos in the template.

If you don’t drag and drop, your images won’t be formatted right.

Check out the gif below to see what we mean.

adding your photo to the driver's license template
Be sure to drag and drop your photo or use ‘replace’ on the Canva app

6. Change the background

If you’re not a fan of the pink background, feel free to change it!

First, click the top left of the design, then unlock the layer.

You should see three color boxes appear in the top left of Canva.

Click each colored square to change the colors, then re-lock the layer when you’re done.

Check out the gif below if you need any help.

changing the background colors of the editable drivers license template

7. Edit the text

Simply double-click on the text boxes to change them.

This part is pretty easy, but we’ve created a guide for understanding the text that you may find helpful.

understanding your driver's license

You don’t need to worry too much about the text since this is only meant for practice and fun.

But, if you’re interested in learning more about the information that goes on your driver’s license, check out the links below:

Once the text is all filled out, your practice driver’s license is done!

Finished design - free editable driver's license template

Downloading your driver’s license

To share and print this driver’s license template, we recommend that you download it first.

Don’t worry — it’s easy!

First click ‘Share‘ in the top right corner of Canva.

click share in the top right of Canva

Next, scroll down to ‘Download‘.

scroll down and click download

For the best quality, we recommend choosing ‘PNG‘ as the file type.

Next, look at ‘Select pages‘.

Ensure that it matches the number of the page you were working on, otherwise you’ll download the wrong page(s).

After that, simply click ‘Download‘ to save your driver’s license on your device.

be sure that the selected page matches the number of the page you were working on in the driver's license template

Printing your driver’s license

This is a printable driver’s license template, so you can go ahead and print it after it’s downloaded.

You can stick your printed practice license on your mirror as you get ready for your photo, or add it to your vision board as motivation to get your real driver’s license (if you haven’t already).

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Sharing your driver’s license

Once your driver’s license is downloaded, you can also share it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other platform you use.

Feel free to tag us in your posts, we’d love to see your amazing photos!

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A driver’s license template is a great way to get an idea of how your driver’s license will really look.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get a free editable driver’s license template that you can use over and over again!


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