21 Best Car Gifts For Mom (2024)

Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day or just to show you care.


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Looking for the best car gifts for mom? In this post, we recommend 21 gifts to help your mom feel more special, safe, and comfortable in her car.

Mom smiling and driving her car -- best car gifts for mom

Car Gifts For Mom

1. Bag Hooks

If your mom loves her bag, she’ll definitely appreciate these handy bag hooks.

They’ll keep her car organized and her bag off the floor.

These are sturdy so they’re also great for holding up shopping bags and grocery bags that aren’t too heavy.

2. Best Mom License Plate

Your mom will feel really special driving with this front license plate on her car.

Plus, everyone will know that your mom’s the best!

This license plate is available on our Etsy store Car Girl Aesthetics. Use the code GWD20 to get 20% off before Mother’s Day.

(Screws are not included.)

3. Fancy Car Seats

These luxurious car seat covers will make your mom feel like she just got a brand-new car.

She’ll also feel pretty happy with how comfortable, and easy to clean they are.


4. Mini Car Succulent

This is a great car gift for moms who love plants.

Along with the macrame planter, this succulent will add a pretty touch to your mom’s car.

The best part is that she won’t have to worry about keeping it alive because it’s fake — could you tell?

5. Car Seat Gap Filler

Every mom will love this handy car seat gap filler.

It does exactly what it sounds like — it fills the space between the car seats and center console, so your mom’s things won’t get lost in that annoying gap.

It’s simple but so useful!

(Grab it when it’s under $24.)

6. Portable Car Charger

Help keep your mom safe with this amazing portable car charger.

She can use it to easily jumpstart her car with NO help and charge up to two devices.

And it gets even better! It can also inflate her tires and has a LED floodlight that can definitely come in handy at night.

If you get this car charger for under $150 it’s a great deal!

7. Car Coasters

Next on our list of car gifts for moms are these lovely car coasters.

Your mom already loves using coasters at home, so why not get some for her car?

They’ll protect her car cup holders from spills and they’re also really cute.

8. Personalized Keyring

This beautiful keyring is a simple but thoughtful gift that every mom is sure to appreciate.

You can personalize the text on the main charm and add up to 5 other charms.

A cute idea is to put the names of you and your siblings on each of the other charms.

Your mom will adore this gift — plus it’ll make it easier to find her car keys!

9. Cordless Car Vacuum

Next up is this cordless, rechargeable car vacuum.

It comes with a crevice tool and extension hose to help your mom get to all those hard-to-reach areas.

After use, it can be easily recharged with the included USB cable.

Overall, this is a great car gift for moms who love a squeaky clean car because it will make cleaning days easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

10. Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover

Who wouldn’t love this fuzzy steering wheel cover?

It’ll make your mom’s car look super cozy and she’ll love how soft it feels on her hands.

11. Gadgets For Her Drinks

For moms who love sipping drinks in the car, this cup holder expander is a must.

It goes inside your mom’s regular and provides more space for large drinks, mugs, and bottles.

These reusable insulator sleeves are perfect for holding hot and cold drinks and help them keep their temperature.

(Get your mom both, and you just might become her new favorite child.)

12. Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto is a great gift for moms who are besties with Alexa.

With this handy gadget, Alexa can help her make hands-free calls, get directions, create a shopping list, and more, all from her car.

As useful as this device is, some people love it and some people hate it.

To be sure your mom doesn’t end up in the second group, click here to see if it’s right for her.

13. GPS Navigator

Help your mom get where she needs to go with this super helpful GPS system.

This is a great car gift for moms who often worry about getting lost or love a good road trip.

If your mom just hates sitting in traffic, upgrade to the DriveSmart 65 & Traffic.

This version will give her traffic alerts and handy features like voice activation, and hands-free calling.

14. Car Diffuser

With this car diffuser, your mom’s car will always smell amazing.

All she has to do is add water and a few drops of her favorite essential oil, then plug it into her car charger.

When there’s no water left, this diffuser automatically turns off, so she won’t have to worry about it burning.

15. Car Seat Cushion

This super comfy memory foam cushion is a great car gift for moms who suffer from back pain.

It’ll cushion her car seat without adding too much height, and will make her driving experience so much more comfortable.

16. Anti-Glare Glasses

Driving in bright light can be distracting and dangerous.

These glasses will help protect your mom’s eyes from sunlight and glares that can temporarily blind her when driving during the day and night.

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17. Baby Car Monitor

Number 18 on our list is a great car gift for new moms.

This baby car monitor allows moms to check on their little ones in the backseat, night or day.

It’ll give moms the peace of mind that everything is okay with their baby.

18. Pet Booster Seat

If your mom loves traveling with her pet, she’ll adore this 2-in-1 pet booster seat.

It comes with a seatbelt leash to help keep her furry friend safe and sound in the car.

It’s also water-resistant to protect her car seats from any ‘accidents’.

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19. Car Visor Vanity Mirror

This car visor vanity mirror is perfect for the mom who loves to touch up her hair and makeup in the car.

It has two different light settings (warm yellow and cool white), and adjustable brightness so she can always have the best lighting.

20. Car Escape Tool

As we talk about in our post ‘Car Essentials for Teenage Girls‘, this car escape tool is a must-have for everyone.

It can break car windows and cut seatbelts and it just might save a life.

You don’t ever want your mom to need this, but it’s best to have one just in case.

21. Tablet Holder For Kids

You might be wondering why this is on the list of car gifts for moms.

But this is truly a gift for moms.

Just imagine how hard it must be to try to entertain restless kids after a long and stressful day! 

With this tablet holder, you can help mom stay sane on the days she’s just too tired to entertain the kids in the car.

It’s attached to the front seat headrests, so kids can easily watch from the back seat. 

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