7 Fun Games to Play In The Car with Kids

Say goodbye to boring car trips.


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In this post, we list 7 fun games to play in the car to keep your kids entertained.

kids laughing and playing car games in the backseat
Kids playing car games in the backseat

As a driver, you need to stay focused and alert at all times. But even then, driving can still get boring.

If you get bored of driving, can you imagine how it is for your kids who are stuck in the backseat?? Long drives can easily get boring for them, especially if you drive the same route day after day.

And I won’t even get started about waiting in traffic!

In fact, according to this post, a global study revealed that it takes an average of only 27 minutes for kids to get bored on long drives and road trips.

Car boredom can make your kids restless (which you don’t want to deal with when driving) or sleepy (which can mess up their sleeping schedule). Knowing some good games to play in the car is a fun and effective way to avoid both of these.

Below are 7 fun games to play in the car to keep you happy and your kids entertained for the entire journey.

Games to play in the car with kids

Car Game #1: Yellow Car

Can you count how many yellow cars you’ve seen in your lifetime? The number is probably low compared to cars of other colors. 

Yellow cars may seem pretty rare, but once you play this game I promise you’ll start seeing them everywhere!

The point of this game is to be the first person to yell “Yellow Car!” when you notice a yellow car on the road. When I played this game with friends, we’d also follow with a playful slap on the arm of anyone who didn’t notice the car first. 

Of course, this is totally optional — it’s pretty fun just trying to shout “Yellow Car!” before anyone else does.

Car Game #2: Double Digits

For this game, your kids need to pay careful attention to the license plates of the vehicles around them.

To play, they should try to be the first to shout ‘double digits!’ whenever they spot a vehicle with double digits in the license plate number. They get bonus points if they yell ‘triple digits!’ when they spot a license plate with three consecutive digits. The person with the most points at the end of the journey wins.

This game can also be played without the points — just for fun.

Car Game #3: My Car, Your Car

‘My car, your car’ is a pretty passive game and there’s no winning or losing. To play, all you do is say ‘my car’, then ‘your car’, for each vehicle that passes by (in the opposite lane).

It seems pretty repetitive but it’ll be fun for your kids to see the different vehicles they end up with. Some can be quite posh and some funny-looking ones might make them laugh.

Car Game #4: When Will We Get There?

This game doesn’t have an official name, but it’s a game I played a lot with my mom as a child. On the way home from school, both of us would guess what time we thought we’d get home.

And that’s all it takes to play — just guess what time you’ll get to your destination. Of course, the person with the closest guess wins!

This game is simple but really fun. Sitting in traffic becomes exciting when it’s likely to make you win. Plus, it’s hilarious to watch the frustration of others when traffic lights, stop signs and other obstacles make it seem like they’re going to lose. 

This game is also great to keep your kids alert, observant of their surroundings and helps them become more time conscious.

Car Game #5: Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is a great road trip game.

At the beginning of your journey, create a list of things you’re likely to come across on your trip. Try adding items like landmarks, special signs, and cool animals. You can also choose things that are common as well as rare, to make it more challenging.

Your kids play by trying to find all the items on the list before the trip is over.

You could personalize this game however you like. For instance, you could make it educational by explaining cool facts, the history, or uses of the items, once your kids have found them.

You could even spice things up by offering a prize to the first person to complete their list!

This game doesn’t have to be a competition, though — your kids can work as a team to complete the list quickly.

Whatever you choose to do, this is a fun game to keep your kids curious and observant.

Car Game #6: Counting Cows

Counting cows is exactly what it sounds like. You play by looking out the window for cows, then yell ‘Moo!’ or ‘Cow!’ when you see one.

Of course, you can always change what it is you’re looking out for. It could be another animal, object or even humans — whatever you think your kids will find interesting.

Car Game #7: I Spy

The final game is a classic that you can play anywhere and anytime. In this list, however, we recommend playing this when you’re stuck in traffic.

You’ll be better able to find the objects the other person has ‘spied’ compared to when you’re in a moving vehicle and everything is a blur.

For those who aren’t familiar with this game, it’s pretty easy to play. One person starts by saying:

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”. 

They then say the first letter of the thing that they ‘spied’.

For example, if your kid notices a traffic light, they would say: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘t’ “. Other players use this letter clue to guess what was ‘spied’. Whoever gets it first is the next person to do the spying.

This is another great game to help your kids become more observant.


Car games are a great way to keep your kids entertained during long and otherwise boring drives.

This post lists 7 fun games you can play in the car (with or without your kids) that are sure to keep everyone alert, happy, and laughing for the entire journey.

Feel free to personalize any of these car games– they might be even more fun that way!

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