14 Undeniable Signs You’re Obsessed With Cars

An obsession that won’t hurt… maybe


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Have you been accused of being obsessed with cars? This post will reveal if you have a car obsession after all.

Signs You're Obsessed With Cars

You know you love everything to do with cars.

You really, really, really do.

But are you… obsessed???

Whether you’re in denial or you’re just curious, the purpose of this post is to help you find out the truth.

We’ll take a look at some undeniable signs that you’re involved in a love affair of the four-wheeled variety.

If you can admit to 5 or more of the signs below, you just might be obsessed!

10 Signs You Have A Car Obsession

1. You Can’t Resist A Conversation About Cars

Admit it: the mere mention of cars transforms you into the most vocal person in the room.

You can talk about cars for hours with just about anyone, whether it’s about engines, the latest models or DIY car projects.

Car-talk always gets you excited and you always have something interesting to contribute to the discussion.

2. You Use And Understand Car Jargon

You’re bilingual and your second language is Car-lish.

To you, terms like ‘differential,’ ‘turbocharger,’ and ‘double-clutching’ are as commonplace as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye.’ 

To the uninitiated, your conversations might sound like a mechanic’s textbook, but to fellow car enthusiasts, it’s pure poetry.

3. You Love Driving

While everyone else is fighting for the passenger princess (or prince) position, you’re the one who volunteers to drive.

You enjoy the sensation of the wheel in your hands and the pedals on your feet. 

For you, every opportunity to drive is a gift and you’re going to take it.

4. Road Trips Are Your Ideal Vacation

Another sign you’re obsessed with cars is the fact that road trips are your ideal vacation. 

You love nothing more than going on a long adventure and finding yourself in the middle of nowhere. 

5. Car Maintenance Is Your Favorite Hobby

If you’re the sort of person who considers car maintenance a hobby instead of a chore…. you could have a car obsession.

You keep track of all your vehicle’s fluids (kudos to you) and never miss an oil change.

You can diagnose your car’s issues just by listening closely and you can probably change a tire with your eyes closed. 

6. Your Friends Consider You Their Trusty Part-Time Mechanic

You just might be obsessed with cars if your friends often reach out to you for help with their cars.

They do it because they know you’re good – and you’ll enjoy it!

For you, there’s no better way to spend the weekend than opening the hood and tinkering around with whatever’s inside. 

7. You Spend More Time With Cars Than You’d Like To Admit

Yet another sign you’re obsessed with cars is that you spend more time with your vehicle than you’d like to admit.

You’re not just with your car when driving. You’re also spending time with it in the garage.

Or at meets in parking lots.

Or just chilling in your driveway. 

Having a house that’s full of car-related items and souvenirs is another obvious sign of a car obsession.

Posters of vehicles you want to own, toy cars, car magazines, and even signed photos are all dead giveaways. 

The more collectible the items in your home, the more likely it is that you’re obsessed.

9. You Watch Car Content Regularly

Whether it’s a movie, TV show, or car anime, you’ve seen it or it’s on your watchlist.

A car-obsessed person doesn’t care if the car is real or animated. Once it’s a car, they’re hooked.

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10. You Only Refer To Your Car By Its Name

Naming your car is fun for everyone, but some people take it to another level.

If you’ve permanently replaced the phrase ‘my car’ with your car’s name, or use it to talk about your car with strangers, it can be a sure sign of a little obsession.

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11. You Remember Car Logos Better Than Your Remember Faces

There are some car logos like Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes that everyone recognizes.

But if you’ve memorized way more car logos than the average person, and can remember them faster than you can remember some people… you’re obsessed.

Let’s just be real.

12. You Appreciate Different Types Of Vehicles

Another sign of a car obsession is if you are the sort of person who can appreciate different types of vehicles — brand new or fifty years old.

Many of the most passionate car enthusiasts keep multiple vehicles from different eras in their garages and carports.

They might have a 1960s Dodge Charger alongside a brand-new Tesla Model S to keep things interesting. 

13. You Dream About Cars

The signs you are obsessed with cars can also be unconscious! Dreaming about them could indicate “unresolved issues” as your therapist likes to point out.

Or it could just mean that you love and enjoy your vehicle.

Car-related dreams can take all sorts of forms. One of the most common is breaking down and not being able to move. However, you might also dream about taking some fantastical road trip through the mountains or racing a sports car around Laguna Seca.

14. Your Passion Inspires Others

Perhaps the ultimate sign that you love cars is that your passion inspires others.

While not everyone at cocktail parties cares about vehicles, you still find a way to capture their interest with your interesting stories and keen devotion to vehicles. 

What’s more, you’re the sort of person who can inspire others to choose vehicles that will suit them. You have a knack for recommending options that will fulfill their needs, whether a young singleton wanting something racy, or a family looking for an SUV that meets all their needs. 

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In this post, we’ve identified some super obvious signs that you just might be obsessed with cars.

Of course, no one sign can indicate an obsession — but if you can identify with five or more signs on the list… you’re probably obsessed!

But don’t worry, there are worse obsessions out there.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and feel free to share it with someone you think has a car obsession!