25+ Red Car Names You’re Bound To Fall In Love With

Is your car more of a ‘Flame’ or an ‘Elmo’?


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This post is all about red car names.

red car names

Unlike many other car colors, red cars have a reputation.

They’re known for having passionate drivers and for being fast – which is probably why many people believe they have higher insurance premiums. (This is a myth by the way).

But for you, the owner, your red car may be none of these things.

This is why we’ve come up with a list of over 25 nicknames for a red car to help reflect your car’s true personality and beat the stereotypes.

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Red Car Names

Classic Red Car Names

  1. Red – basic and to the point.
  2. Phoenix
  3. Scarlette
  4. Blood
  5. Rage
  6. Cherry Pie
  7. Wine
  8. Blood Moon
  9. Kiss
  10. Chilli
  11. Ruby
  12. Fury
  13. Rouge
  14. Inferno
  15. Blaze
  16. Red Velvet
  17. Dragon
  18. Coco Cola
  19. Clifford
  20. Elmo

Cute Names For Red Car

  1. Love
  2. Apple
  3. Lady Bug
  4. Strawberry
  5. Rosie
  6. Strawberry Shortcake
  7. Cupid
  8. Hot Pocket
  9. Lightning McQueen
  10. Red Riding Hood

How To Make Your Red Car Name More Unique

If you’re seeking something a bit more unique than the options above, here are a few ways you can personalize them to make it your own.

1. Consider the size of your car

Your car’s size adds to its personality. Try using words like ‘big’, ‘little’, or even ‘tiny’ to make your red car name more fitting to your ride.

For example, the name ‘Tiny Blaze’ sounds so much cuter than just ‘Blaze’.

2. Think about the shade of red

Another thing to consider is the shade of red that your car is. Is it deep, dark, and mysterious, or more bright and flashy?

‘Cherry’, for instance, makes a better name for a bright red vehicle than a dark one. But it’s all up to you!

3. Add some numbers

Finally, feel free to incorporate numbers in your name. Your license plate digits, the year you got your car or your favorite number are all great places to start.

‘Ruby 007’ sounds a lot cooler than just ‘Ruby’, right?


Above are just a few of the hundreds of red car names you can choose from.

Feel free to choose any name from our lists or customize one to make it unique.

After all, your red ride is more than just a color; it’s an extension of your identity, and it deserves a name that reflects its true essence.