How To Get A Spider Out Of Your Car And Survive To Tell The Story

Yes, it’s possible.


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Do you have a spider in your car? If so, don’t panic! In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to get the spider out without going crazy or getting hurt.

how to get a spider out of your car

How Long Can A Spider Live In A Car?

The lifespan of a spider largely depends on the species.

The average house spider can live up to two years, but some spiders can live much longer. For example, the tarantula spider can live for up to 30 years!

But don’t worry, most car spiders are not looking to build a home and will only stay for a short period of time.

However, some spiders may take up residence in your car if they find a suitable environment.

Temperature and food play a key role in just how comfy a spider can feel in your car.

If it’s cold outside, your car can provide a warm refuge for a spider. And if there are insects in your car, that’s an easy meal!

Without these conditions the spider will either die or leave your car in just a few days.

If you can’t wait for that day, read on to learn how to get rid of a spider in your car ASAP.

How To Get Rid Of A Spider In Your Car

If you find a spider in your car, there are a few things you can do to get rid of it.

First Things First: Identify The Spider

We recommend first trying to identify the type of spider.

This is important because some spiders can be venomous which can make the situation a bit more complicated.

Check out this article for help identifying the spider in your car.

If you can’t identify the spider, it’s best to err on the side of caution and assume it is venomous.

Once you know what kind of spider you’re dealing with you need to decide if you’re able want to tackle it on your own, or call a professional.

If you choose to battle the spider yourself, below are 4 effective methods you can try to get rid of the spider in your car.

Method 1. Trap The Spider

One of the easiest ways to remove a spider from your car is to trap it.

You can do this by placing a container over the spider and then sliding a piece of paper under it. Once the spider is trapped, you can release it outside.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your ‘trapping device’:

  • Size: In this scenario, size really does matter.

    Before you attempt to trap your spider, be sure the container you choose is big enough.
    If the container is too small the spider has a better chance of getting away.

  • Color: we recommend using a transparent container to trap your spider.

    This will allow you to see when the spider is on the inner ‘walls’ of the container which makes it easier to pick up. If your container is too dark, you won’t be able to see the spider as easily.

  • Material: you want to ensure that your container isn’t too soft or flimsy since this will make it difficult for you to pick it up and keep the spider secure.

    If the container is too flimsy, you may also be able to feel the spider moving in the cup which can freak some people out. A glass, ceramic mug or mason jar are the best options because of their firm structure.

  • Paper Quality: be sure that the paper you slid under the cup is firm and strong.

    If the paper tears too easily or isn’t firm enough, the spider may be able to escape as you carry it. An index card is a great option for this.

Method 2: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Method 2 to get a spider out of your car is to use a vacuum cleaner.

This is a quick and easy way to get rid of a spider, particularly for those with arachnophobia (the intense fear of spiders). A handheld vacuum can also be kept in your car which means you can tackle the spider as soon as you spot it.

This handheld vacuum has a powerful suction that most spiders won’t be able to escape from.

Pro Tip: try turning on your vacuum only when you’re positioned directly over or in front of the spider. Otherwise, the noise can scare it away before you even get to them.

Method 3: Spider Repellant

If you don’t want to get up close and personal with a spider, using a repellent is a good solution.

You can find spider repellents at most hardware stores or online, but be sure to choose a product that’s safe for both you and your car.

Another safe and inexpensive option is to make your own repellant using a mix of essential oils such as peppermint which is known to keep spiders away.

Click here to learn how to make your own spider repellant at home.

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Method 4: Remove Their Food Source

In our section on how long a spider can survive in a car, we mentioned that food plays a key role in how many days (or weeks) spider will stick around.

So, one way to keep spiders from making their home in your car is to remove their food source.

To remove the food source for spiders you must first get rid of the food source that a spider’s prey eats.

You can do this easily by giving your car a thorough cleaning.

During your cleaning session, ensure that you vacuum and wipe down all surfaces, especially areas where food is typically consumed like the center console and cup holders.

You should also avoid eating in your car as much as possible and clean up any spills immediately.

Bonus Tip: Stay Calm

If you spot a spider in your car please stay calm, especially while driving.

No matter the size, no spider is worth any injuries or damage to your car.

Remember, spiders, like all insects, are more afraid of you than you are of them! In most cases, the spider will try to run away from you. So, don’t worry about getting bitten.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to get rid of the spider in no time!

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Car

So you know how to get rid of a spider from your car, but how do you prevent them from coming in the first place?

Below are three easy things you can do to prevent spiders from getting into your car.

1. Keep you car windows up when you’re parked

Spiders and other crawling insects can only get into your car on their own when it’s stationery.

Even if your windows are down just a crack, this is the perfect amount of space for a tiny spider to creep its way into your car.

By ensuring your windows are up, your reduce the likelihood of any spiders getting in.

2. Check the stuff you put in your car

Another way spiders can get into your car is when you carry them in.

Yup, you read that right. You’d be surprised how many times you’ve brought a spider into you car without even knowing!

If you’re worried about spiders, particularly if you have lots of spiders at home, be sure to check every bag, box, shoe or coat you bring into your car, to ensure you aren’t welcoming in a new 8-legged passenger.

Spiders love to hide in dark and small spaces so be sure to give whatever you’re bringing a good shake before placing it in.

3. Keep Your Car Clean

As we mentioned earlier, by keeping your car clean you make it less attractive to other insects and by extension, to spiders.

A regular cleaning schedule also means you’re more likely to spot a spider early on and can take care of it before it has a chance to lay any eggs.

So, not only will you be getting rid of the spider but you’ll be preventing any future infestations!

How To Get A Spider Out Of Your Car – The Bottom Line

As long as you follow these steps, getting a spider out of your car should be a piece of cake!

Just remember to stay calm, use the right materials and be thorough in your search and you’ll have your car spider-free in no time.

We hope you found this blog post helpful! If you have any tips on how to get rid of a spider in your car, please share them with us in the comments below.

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