How To Be A Sensible Driver

Because reckless driving is never worth it.

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This post is all about how to be a sensible driver.

how to be a sensible driver

Every driver, even the worst one you know, knows what they need to do to drive safely. 

As drivers, we all know that we shouldn’t drive too fast, that we should stay focused, follow the rules, be patient, etc.

The list goes on and on.

However, many people seem to have a little gremlin at the back of their minds that tricks them into forgetting what they know and making reckless decisions on the road.

As tempting as it can be sometimes and however small, these ‘little’ reckless decisions are dangerous and put everyone at risk.

It’s not worth it.

Your life and the lives of those around you will always be worth more than getting to your destination 5 minutes earlier or the thrill of making a risky choice on the road.

In this post, we’ll share 6 simple tips to help you quiet that little gremlin, and drive safely and sensibly on the road.

Tips On How To Be A Sensible Driver

1. Stay Focused

You could have guessed this would be first on this list.

Staying focused is crucial when driving. 

It allows you to see what lies ahead and prepare for it accordingly. It also allows you to notice when the situation in front of you changes, which is always happening when you’re on the road.

The issue is that many of us don’t focus enough.

If you have issues staying focused, try improving your attention span, practicing mindfulness, and eliminating distractions even if it means driving in silence sometimes.

2. Don’t Ignore The Signs

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that there are signs everywhere while driving.

There are road signs, signs from other drivers like indicators/blinkers, signs on your vehicle’s dashboards, and loads more.

Don’t ignore the signs!

They’re there to warn you, guide you, and inform you so you make good decisions behind the wheel.

3. Manage Your Emotions

Believe it or not, our emotions, good or bad, affect the way we drive.

Anger and even nervousness can lead to aggressive driving while extreme happiness or excitement can lead to distracted driving. 

For this reason, it’s important to get your emotions under control the moment you get behind the wheel. 

If you’re experiencing extreme emotions of any kind, take a deep breath, calm yourself down, or ask someone else to take the wheel while you dance, cry, or argue in the passenger seat.

4. Manage Your Time

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding has been involved in about one-third of vehicle fatalities in the US over the last decade. 

One major cause of speeding is running late for an important (or not-so-important) event.

Eliminate the temptation to speed by managing your time better so that you can be early for your event.

5. Make A Pledge

Before you drive, take time to remind yourself that your goal is to drive safely.

You can do this by praying, saying affirmations, or whatever else you choose.

Doing this puts safety at the forefront of your mind which helps you make better driving decisions.

6. Maintain Your Vehicle

You may not see the link but it’s there, we promise.

The health of your car can affect your driving even when you’re trying your best. 

A dirty windscreen, headlights that are dim or won’t work, and a flat tire are all ‘little’ things that can significantly impact your driving experience and safety.

Bringing your car for regular checkups by a mechanic or doing it yourself with tools like a tyre pressure monitor or car maintenance kit can help ensure your car is fit to be driven.


When you start driving, and buy your own vehicle, it’s nice to do the fun things like looking at car interior inspo to personalize your car or planning amazing road trips. 

But driving isn’t just about the fun stuff. 

Driving is a big responsibility and it involves making sensible decisions at all times. 

In this post, we discussed 6 simple tips for being a sensible driver so you can do your part to ensure the safety of you, your passengers, and those around you.